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Overcome Excess Weight

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Nantwich

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

We are all born with a behavioural template to find food and eat, just like all other animals.
This template would have been programmed to feast when there was plenty of food or to cope with a fast when there was a famine in the past.

Famine is uncommon in our modern ‘western’ world, but with constant access to food, it is not surprising that this template becomes distorted and there is a tendency to overeat.

It’s not about the food when it comes to weight gain and overeating; it’s about other emotional issues or feelings of being out of control in other areas of our lives.

The most common cause of obesity is a person’s attitude toward food – it’s not just a matter of choice, but also of conditioning that begins in childhood and continues throughout life.

The most important factor in losing weight is your attitude toward food and eating, which is where hypnotherapy comes in.

The subconscious mind can be allowed to form new perspectives on how, what, when, and why you eat while under hypnosis. Once your subconscious mind understands the role of food, it’s not so difficult.

Old childhood behaviour patterns are updated so that food is not used as a source of comfort during times of stress, making weight loss much easier.
As your shape changes to a more healthy you, you gain control over your eating habits.

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