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Overcome Anger

Hypnotherapy for Anger in Nantwich

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management

We often become irrational when our anger rises, acting emotionally with self-centered negative thought patterns.

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you reacted the way you did because of your quick temper, irritability, or inability to control your anger?

Is your anger irrational at times, and after you’ve calmed down, you’re embarrassed or regretful of how you got angry in the first place?

Do you ever feel like you’re losing control of your words or actions when you’re enraged?

Anger is a primitive way of increasing our strength that comes from our original primitive, emotional brain, which is responsible for our self-preservation.

When our anxiety levels rise or we are under a lot of stress, which can happen over time, our primitive brain perceives a crisis and intervenes, one of the tools it employs is anger.

The anger scale can range from being irritable or’snappy’ to physical violence in extreme cases, and the anger can be directed at ourselves as well as our loved ones or the innocent call centre operator on the other end of the phone.

Part of Mulberry Hypnotherapy‘s anger management solution is to help you understand why you react in this seemingly uncontrollable way and to teach you how to deal with situations calmly. It is not a case of having to ‘control’ your anger; it simply will not happen after a short period of time with us.

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