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Overcome Smoking

Smoking Hypnotherapy in Nantwich

Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking

If you smoke, there is no greater thing you can do to improve the quality and length of your life than to give up.

If you’re a reluctant smoker, you’ve probably come to believe that quitting is difficult and that you’re addicted… neither of these things are necessarily true.

While willpower is required to stop, it is not for the reasons many people believe, and it is nowhere near the battle that many anticipate, and for many, it isn’t even a battle because they realise they have always been able to stop.

Why do we smoke?

Attachment beliefs – Smoking is irrational as well as emotional. As a result, we start believing strange things, such as:

Smoking relieves my stress  *  Smoking helps me socialise  *  Smoking’s cool  *  Smoking allows me to take frequent breaks.

Beliefs like these, which may or may not have been true at one point, keep us smoking. Cigarettes then become a crutch, a toxic cocktail of habit, limiting belief, chemical addiction, and fear that is killing you slowly.

Simple smoking habit – Smoking is sometimes just a simple bad habit; an unwillingness to go through the detox phase and, possibly, a fear of life without cigarettes.

People smoke in these situations primarily because they are accustomed to doing so at specific times or locations: the first cigarette of the day; ‘fag breaks’; the lunchtime routine; evenings, weekends, and after meals…
And, of course, when out with friends.

Smoking can be easily broken if it is simply a bad habit that has outlived its usefulness.

Remove all the associations and recognise a simple truth: life without cigarettes is far easier than life with them.

However, quitting smoking can be difficult at times, and this is when we need professional assistance.

Emotional associations – Smoking can become associated with our emotions as well as places, people, or times of day. People become dependent on cigarettes because it ‘helps’ them when they are stressed, unhappy, bored, or down.

We feel lost without cigarettes during difficult times, much like having a mobile phone without access to internet. We want to numb the emotion, and only cigarettes will do.

In such cases, quitting smoking entails addressing the underlying cause(s) of your stress or unhappiness. Learning to live without smoking is a necessary part of maturing into our adult selves. We would also recommend in these cases that a simple one off Stop smoking session is not enough. We would strongly advise that you have additional hypnotherapy to address the underlying emotional issues which could include Lifestyle and Happiness, Confidence and Anxiety issues, Negative beliefs, Stress in the workplace or at home.

In either case, well-delivered hypnotherapy can help. You can quit smoking and feel better about your life and yourself.

How do I know it will Work?

You don’t, but you can look for the same clues we do when you contact us.
Do you wish to stop?…sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But, without a doubt, the majority of those who have seen us and started smoking again did so because they didn’t want to stop in the first place, they came because they felt compelled to come, either from external pressure or other reasons which is quite different. Hypnotherapy can ‘supercharge’ your desire, but it must exist in the first place

As a general rule, one-third of stop-smoking clients walk away and don’t think about smoking again, one-third succeed with minor setbacks, and one-third restart smoking. Of course, the only way to avoid such disappointment is to never try in the first place.

Everyone who begins again will benefit from the experience and will have taken another step toward their ultimate goal of becoming a nonsmoker.

Smoking is surprisingly easy to stop once you understand how the brain works, despite the constant powerful messages we receive through advertising media from companies wanting you to simply convert from one of their nicotine products to another.

Some ex-smokers may tell you that you will crave for the rest of your life – trust me when I say that is NOT the case. The desire to not smoke grows stronger when you quit the right way.

Hypnotherapy is a quick, effective, and powerful tool for breaking bad habits, and quitting smoking is probably the simplest! Physical dependence on cigarettes accounts for less than 10% of the total; the rest is all in the mind, which can be re-educated.

We explain how your subconscious created such a dangerous habit at Mulberry Hypnotherapy, and we remind you of the dangers of smoking to your mind and body, as well as how hypnosis can help you quit. You will often leave the clinic a non-smoker with no cravings if you have a genuine desire to quit.

Individual outcomes may differ, you should leave our clinic feeling elated and fired up, armed with the knowledge of how to keep it that way, and if during the next 3 months you should find that you are experiencing a bumpy start, a top up session is included in the price.

Anti-smoking therapy costs £160 and is completed in one 90-120 minute session. We don’t do an Initial Consultation for smoking cessation because it isn’t necessary, but you can still use the Contact Us button below to call or email to schedule your appointment once you have decided to quit.

Please keep in mind that, while hypnotherapy is very effective at helping you quit once you have made a firm decision to stop, it is not a magic cure.
We can teach you how to stop smoking, but it is still up to you to follow through. Hypnosis cannot override your conscious decision to put a cigarette in your mouth.

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